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By Edie Alderette-Sellers

One of our regional gems is the Berkeley Disaster Preparedness Neighborhood Network. Though Berkeley sits a scant few miles from Richmond's borders, it's not only a different city but an entirely different county. 

These kinds of barriers usually challenge the sharing of resources when it comes to civic programs. But BDPNN shares its meetings and some access to its website with nonresidents; they clearly understand that in a disaster, we will have to rely upon each other, and preparedness is part of that cooperation.

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BDPNN recently held a presentation titled "The Big One was Yesterday — What Do I Do Today?" This outlined what happens after an earthquake: how to recover, how to connect with missing loved ones, how to prepare for insurance claims, and otherwise how to take the "next steps" after the "Big One" hits. 

Mother Nature was also kind enough to give her seal of approval with last week's earthquake, reminding us all how it can happen at any moment.

Jennifer Lazo of Berkeley's Office of Emergency Services presented, and she provided this list of helpful links. Reviewing this information now is the first step in protecting yourself and your family from being unprepared in a disaster.

Earthquake Country Alliance: How to Reconnect and Recover

Centers for Disease Control: Food and Water Concerns

US Department of Agriculture: Keeping Food Safe in an Emergency

Guide to Taking Photos to Support Your Insurance Claim

FoodSafety.gov: Food Safety Before, During, and After a Power Outage

Centers for Disease Control: Make Water Safe

KQED: How to Help a Friend Who Lost Their Home in a Fire

For more information on BDPNN or to get a calendar of one of their meetings, visit their website at www.bpdnnetwork.org.